Pick 6 – Taking the Next Step

Not every player drafted has the natural abilities, intelligence, supporting cast, or growth potential to make it in the NFL. This is especially true with wide receivers, where learning a complex route tree, developing timing with your quarterback, and getting separation from the opposing defense are just a few of the things they need to master to be impactful and successful for their teams. The failure rate is staggering, especially when you consider the countless hours teams spend scouting these players prior to selecting them in the NFL draft.

One of the biggest hurdles facing young receivers in the modern NFL is the pressure to “win now” is so paramount on coaching staffs. With success demanded so quickly, receivers are not given time to develop and fine-tune their skills. This means if a player doesn’t enjoy near-instant success, they are often cast aside for a newer weapon who the coaching staff hopes can deliver the goods. We in the dynasty community are often all too guilty of this ourselves. Continue reading “Pick 6 – Taking the Next Step”

Crowded No More

Remember when we had to wait for our dynasty assets to develop? Not so long ago we were letting players simmer on our bench for two, three, or even four years before we were counting on them as contributors to our fantasy teams. With the recent success of players like Odell Beckham Jr., Mike Evans, DeAndre Hopkins, and Amari Cooper – all of whom reached the 1000-yard mark in either their rookie or sophomore seasons – it is no wonder that many want instant production. Who doesn’t want to be able to draft a guy and plug them right into their starting lineup? We all can’t be so lucky, and in reality, we shouldn’t expect it.

For those of us that haven’t been able to draft instant starters or seem to lose our patience with the development process, I’m going to look at a wide receiver who will be entering his third year in the 2017 season worth acquiring for your team. With players like Marqise Lee and Davante Adams having third-year breakouts in 2016, it shows that there is value to be had from players who don’t experience immediate success. This is something to keep in mind when doing offseason shopping. Continue reading “Crowded No More”

Brandin Cooks to New England: Fantasy Winners


With the rumored trade of Brandin Cooks to the New England Patriots officially completed, the WR10 of 2016 and WR13 of 2015 is on the move from one high powered offense to another. Cooks swaps out the New Orleans Saints’ 6816 yards of offense (first in the NFL) and 540 points scored (second in the NFL) for the Patriots’ 6180 yards and 441 points (fourth and third in the NFL, respectively). While this is not the downgrade in offenses for Cooks many feared as compared to the rumored trades to Philadelphia and Tennessee, both teams come with a myriad of offensive weapons that are shifting in the dynasty pecking order thanks to the fallout of this trade. These are several players who should see their production – or at least their fantasy stock – rise with Cooks’ move to the Patriots.

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Happy New League Year

Happy New League Year! At 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time the NFL officially moved onto the 2017 season. As per usual, many players who are vital to your dynasty team’s success are switching jerseys, in one case doing so without even switching the stadium at which he plays home games. This can be among the most uncertain of times as we analyze how these players will fit in with their new teams’ schemes, players, and coaches, but the first puzzle piece must be laid before we attempt to create a clear picture.

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Pick 6 – Regression Candidates

Regression is inevitable in professional sports.

Teams spend countless hours pouring over player reports, reviewing game film, and investing in scouting, all with the goal of gaining an advantage over their opponent each week. In doing so, strategies change or are adopted to shut down an opposing team’s impact players. What separates the truly elite talents in the game from the flash-in-the-pans is the ability to rise above this and alter their own game to continue to dominate at their position.

Certain players learn this quickly, adapt on the fly, and continue to dominate without missing a beat. A few great examples of this are guys like Odell Beckham Jr., Le’Veon Bell, or A.J. Green. These players are the focus of the defenses they face, yet are able to still be game-changing talents on the field and for our fantasy squads. Other players fall victim to regression and their performance both in real life and in fantasy suffers as a result. Ask anyone who drafted Allen Robinson in the first round of startups this past offseason or who paid a premium to trade for Todd Gurley – thinking they were getting a generational talent – how they feel about their players now. If they are even willing to discuss these players you will likely be met with hostility and adult language.

Regression may not always be the player’s fault. Circumstances beyond their control happen every season in the NFL. Coaches are fired and replaced, schemes change, new players join a team via the draft or free agency, or a rash of injuries leaves a team’s offense in shambles. From a fantasy owner’s standpoint, the problem is trying to predict this regression and trying to either avoid these players or sell them at peak return prior to regression happening and torpedoing their value. The one thing every dynasty owner hates is getting stuck “holding the bag” with a now useless roster clogger on their team and no way to recoup value for him.

Although we are early in the offseason, here are six players who I feel may be due for regression, and who owners may want to consider shopping around while they still hold value:

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Dynasty One is Welcoming New Team Members

With the NFL offseason upon us, it’s time for Dynasty One to begin accepting applications for new writers to join the team. Writers are the backbone of Dynasty One, and will provide much of the content that appears on the website. We are looking for writers that can bring new, original ideas, or new ways to look at narratives; good writers who will tell us what we don’t already know. Our goal is for each reader to walk away from a Dynasty One article a better fantasy player for having read your work. Important: This is not a paid position as of yet. Dynasty One believes in loyalty to those who join the team early and help the site and brand grow. Once Dynasty One begins to seek advertisers and subscriptions, we will consider monetary changes for writers as well.

Interested writers should email dynasty1fantasy@gmail.com with a new or previously written article to be considered. If submitting a previously written article, please include a version of that article by email as well as a link to where the article is posted. If you submitted a piece last year and were not contacted, please submit another. Articles will be judged on their ability to be educational, thought provoking, and entertaining, as well as their originality and the strength of the writing. They should be between 800-2,000 words and be submitted in a .doc or .docx format. All topics related to dynasty football will be considered.

Dynasty One has an open application policy for writers. Your first article should be quality. In other words, “don’t rush it.” We want to see you at your best. If and when you’re accepted to the team, we can discuss deadlines. Now is not that time. Questions? Email dynasty1fantasy@gmail.com or contact us on Twitter @Dynasty1Fantasy.