First Round Instant Reactions

Check back in during the draft as we respond instantly to the draft results of first round skill position players and other moves with dynasty impact.

Blog posts by Karl Safchick (@KarlSafchick), Josh Callander (@JoshCallan23), Jesse Patterson (@df_patterson), Shane Burnett (@SpartacusPTech), and Jacob Gehl (@_JacobGehl).

David Njoku, TE CLE

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Dynasty One Podcast – Episode 54

Karl and guest host Nathan Powell go over the Adrian Peterson news and are joined by Kevin O’Brien to get you ready for the NFL draft.

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Pick 6 – Under the Radar

NFL teams have agreed to pay out over two billion dollars so far in free agency with almost one billion guaranteed. That is a large chunk of change for a group of players who may not even fit into your existing system or change your team from a pretender to a contender. Many of these players will be counted on to be immediate contributors on their new squads, as NFL general managers hope and pray they will justify the cost of bringing them on board. Others will slide in as positional depth, or fill a specific need an organization has. These players tend to get less hype or analysis – especially from a fantasy viewpoint – than the big-name, big-money signings.

In this week’s Pick Six, I’ll be looking into six free agency moves not receiving the Alshon Jeffery or Brandin Cooks coverage. These are six moves which may have slipped under the radar but still have the potential to make a fantasy impact for dynasty owners this season. Continue reading “Pick 6 – Under the Radar”

Pick 6 – Don’t You Forget About Me


Since the dawn of time, humans have searched for the mythical Fountain of Youth. The anti-aging trend is a multi-million dollar a year industry as people attempt to fight back against the inevitable effects of aging naturally. Watch television for any period of time and you will likely see a commercial promising the latest and greatest in turning back the clock for your skin, hair, or any other part of your body. We are bombarded daily with the clear message “Growing older is undesirable, younger is better!”

Dynasty fantasy football, unfortunately, is no different. Older, dependable veterans are consistently devalued and passed in ADP by the newest, flashiest, trendiest players to enter the league. There is valid reason for this of course: dynasty is about longevity, being competitive year in and year out. Nothing makes this easier than establishing an exciting young core of continuously improving talent. Everyone wants to be the slick team owner who drafts the next Michael Thomas, Amari Cooper, or Andrew Luck. Championships are won by riding these stud young players from the moment they enter the league until the moment their age starts creeping up on them. Eventually, they are cast aside or traded for the next young hot stud player – continuing the cycle.

Not every dynasty team, however, can be 100% filled with exciting young players. With every team in the league attempting to compete for young studs with room to grow, veteran players can be useful assets. Filling out a dynasty roster with a few solid, dependable veterans is a strategy utilized by smart owners to win championships. The important thing – as far as owners are concerned – is the cost of acquiring them. Continue reading “Pick 6 – Don’t You Forget About Me”

Pick 6 – Second Year Running Backs

We’ve been spoiled in recent years as dynasty football team managers. Each year, a handful of elite college players enter the NFL reshape of the dynasty landscape. Picks at the beginning of rookie drafts skyrocket in value as these elite players enable owners to alter their fortunes with a single pick. Many of these players jump in and make an immediate impact at the NFL level and by association on their dynasty teams’ successes. If you were fortunate enough to land Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., Hunter Henry, Ezekiel Elliott, or Todd Gurley prior to their first NFL seasons, you gave your team a solid, young building block on which to establish a winning team. The key point, of course, is how you construct your roster around these superstar rookies to achieve success and dynasty glory.

The instant gratification of owning one of these first-year superstars has led to many owners forgetting about a key trait in managing a successful dynasty roster: patience. Not every player can burst onto the scene and become a key contributor in his first season at the professional level. Supplementing your superstars with players who grow into key roles and become valuable assets is just as important as selecting those studs in the first place.

I’ve already looked at some potential second and third-year wide receivers who should see an expanded role this season. Now I’ll dive into some second-year running backs who did not put up huge numbers as rookies, but may be ready to take on an increased role in their second seasons. Continue reading “Pick 6 – Second Year Running Backs”