Coop There It Is – Amari Breaking to the 1.01

A bold take: Amari Cooper will finish as a top fantasy wide receiver in 2017 and put himself into the conversation for the 1.01 in startups this time next year. In DLF’s July ADP, Cooper is currently going as the 1.06 in startup drafts with only Odell Beckham Jr., Ezekiel Elliott, David Johnson, Mike Evans, and Antonio Brown going in front of him. Yet, people seem to be disappointed in his play so far, as he’s “only” posted 155 receptions and 2,223 yards and 11 touchdowns in his first two years while being selected to two Pro Bowls. With these historic numbers, I am fully on board the train of Cooper breaking out in Year 3. There are only three other wide receivers to post at least 150 receptions and 2,200 yards in their first two seasons: Marques Colston, Beckham, and A.J. Green. In Year 3, those receivers posted these lines: Continue reading “Coop There It Is – Amari Breaking to the 1.01”

Pick 6 – On Planting a Flag and Not Being Marge Simpson

In Season 11, Episode 13  of The Simpsons (‘Saddlesore Galactica’), Marge is at Springfield Downs,  reading over a betting brochure.

So many horses,” Marge exclaims “I don’t know who to vote for! Can’t I just bet that all the horses will have a fun time?” she asks the bookie.

“Yeah, I think you want that line over there,” The bookie replies, pointing out the ‘Wuss Bets’ window.

At some point, fantasy writers must take a stand on what they believe is right, or else we’re all just here having fun like Marge. I could tell you right now, barring injury, that Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, David Johnson, and Mike Evans will all have elite fantasy seasons. Nor is it very bold to say Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck will be at the top of the quarterback rankings in January 2018. Eventually, we all need to take shots, as it’s the players rising above fantasy expectations who ultimately win you your league. Never one to shy away from the chance to be proven wrong, here are six flag players I am absolutely enamored with entering the 2017 fantasy season. These are six guys you will want to buy now prior to the start of the 2017 season, as they will have skyrocketed in value by January 2018. I’m willing to reap the rewards of owning these players now, or risk going down with the ship for putting my faith so strongly in their abilities. Continue reading “Pick 6 – On Planting a Flag and Not Being Marge Simpson”